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Become a business contributor

Do you know someone who is selling or looking to buy a property? Put us in touch and, if the operation is completed, we will pay you up to 15% of our commission.

Poignée de main

Connect us

IF you know someone who is looking to sell or buy a property, tell them about us or tell us about them! It can be your spouse, someone in your family, a friend, an acquaintance. Never mind. As long as we have not yet signed a mandate with him, there is still time.


The commission is defined according to the mandate

Everything is written in black on white. If this person signs a mandate with us following your connection, your commission will be 10% and even 15% if this mandate is exclusive! This therefore means that even if a non-exclusive mandate has already been signed with another agency, it is not too late...

Collection de trophées

Success is shared!

If we succeed in selling or buying the property on behalf of the client you have recommended to us, we will return your share to you within one week of receiving our commission. 

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